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Daimler CFO,Bodo Uebber

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler AG expects another record year in 2016, after selling a record volume of more than 2 million passenger cars worldwide in 2015. “We expect further growth from the record levels we saw last year,” said Daimler CFO Bodo Uebber.“This development over recent years clearly shows that our strategy is working and that we are growing profitably.” In a shareholder presentation earlier this month, the company said profitability improved for MercedesBenz Cars because of higher unit sales, more favorable pricing, greater efficiency, plus a tail wind from foreign exchange rates. Those benefits were partly offset by higher expenses for new technologies, future products, and additional capacity.

奔驰母公司戴姆勒公司(Daimler AG)2015年在全球的轿车销量超过200万辆,并预计2016年的销量会再次创造新纪录。CFO Bodo Uebber表示,“我们去年创造了新的销量纪录,也期待2016年有进一步的增长。近几年的快速发展显示出公司的战略是有效的,盈利也一直在增长。”在此前的股东报告会上,戴姆勒曾指出,盈利能力的提高得益于更高的销量、更有利的价格、更高的效率,以及更有利的外汇汇率。但由于在新技术和未来产品及额外生产力方面的投入增加,也使这部分优势被部分抵消。

FordCFO, Bob Shanks

"When you go back to that period, we had many more plants. We had greater excess capacity," Shanks said. "Today we are a much different company in North America."So how would Ford remain profitable in its home market?First it would reduce dealer inventory by 37%. That would mean certain plants would eliminate shifts. Some workers would be on temporary layoff. Profit-sharing checks, which hit $9,300 this year, would shrink a lot.Even so, prices, which have reached record highs, would fall about 2% in the downturn's first year and remain flat in the second year, Shanks said.

福特汽车2015年在美国的销量出现急剧下滑,但CFO Bob Shanks有信心认为,销量的下降不会像2008-2009年那样导致频临死亡。“回头看那个时代,工厂过多、生产能力严重过剩,而今天我们在北美地区的公司发生了很多变化。”谈到福特如何在国内市场保持盈利,Shanks解释说,首先将经销商库存减少37%。这意味着一些工厂将面临转变,一部分工人将被临时裁员,分红也会减少很多。但即便这样,在低迷时期的第一年,售价仍下调约2%,在第二年保持平稳。

BMW CFO, Friedrich Eichiner

BMW drastically reduced the number of cars on sale in China, a step that helped improve working capital by about 750 million euros, Eichiner said."Our concern is in the U.S. market. Where is it going? We see some pressure from the used car market already. We already started rebalancing inventories. For me the U.S. market is the biggest risk this year," Eichiner said.BMW will have to to maintain its profitability while at the same time investing in the development of new technologies and digital businesses, Eichiner said.

宝马集团CFO Friedrich Eichiner表示,在华销量的大幅减少使得营运资金增加了约7.5亿欧元,目前真正担忧的是美国市场。“市场发展走向如何?我们已经从二手车市场感受到了一些压力,也已经开始进行平衡库存的努力。对于我而言,美国市场今年将成为最大的风险。宝马将通过一系列举措在保持盈利性的同时,对新技术的发展和数字业务进行投资。”

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