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2017-06-26 23:21:36

Adidas Group CFO, Robin Stalker

CFOs should take a role in creating a holistic view of company performance, and in measuring against it. “We have an initiative called ‘integrated performance management’ that is really just recognizing that performance cannot just be measured by whether we made money or not,” he explains. “We might make money today, but ultimately our goal as an organization is to be sustainably successful. Sustainability is not just to do with environmental impacts, but sustainability in the sense that the business model thrives and becomes more beneficial and profitable to stakeholders over time. ”

阿迪达斯集团CFO Robin认为,CFO应该对公司业绩有更加全面的认识和考量。“我们提倡实行综合绩效管理,这就强调了不能把盈利作为绩效的唯一标准。虽然我们今天能够盈利,但企业发展的目标是要获得可持续的成功。可持续性不仅仅是跟环境有关,同时还具有可持续发展的意义,即商业模式的蓬勃发展,以及为利益相关者创造长远利益。”

Infosys CFO, M.D.Ranganath

One of the things I tell new people joining our team is that while they have joined the finance function, it does not necessarily mean their end goal is to be in the finance function forever. After a couple of years in finance, they could to into sales, consulting or business operations. I think that the core expectation from the younger generation is a 360 degree exposure. Today, a finance professional is expected to have a good understanding of business strategy and its implications for finance.

印度信息技术公司Infosys CFO M.D.Ranganath 通常对加入团队的新人说,虽然他们加入了财务部门,但这并不表示他们的终极目标就是永远留在财务部门。在财务岗位工作几年之后,他们可能进入销售、咨询或者业务部门。“我认为,年轻一代的主要愿望应该是能全面接触各个领域。今天,财务专业人员应该对企业战略及其对财务的影响有很好的理解。”

Vonovia SE CFO, Stefan Kirsten

We are becoming more and more public people. The charisma of a wet noodle doesn’t help anyone. You have to be able to convince people to do things. Good people are a scarce resource. In the end, it falls down to classical functional skills, leadership skills and the ability to use all the productivity-gaining tools you have.

德国房产巨头Vonovia SE CFO Stefan Kirsten 谈到,“ 我们正慢慢成为公众人物。在这种形势下,懦弱只会帮倒忙。你必须说服人们去做某些事情。优秀的人才是稀缺资源,它最终取决于那些传统的岗位技能、领导能力以及能够运用工具创造生产力的能力。”

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